Our Mission

To provide patient-centric care that improves every patient’s quality of life.

Patients with food allergy and/or food associated gut disorders suffer from a wide spectrum of symptoms ranging from swallowing difficulty to life-threatening anaphylaxis. Dr. Leung is trained in both Gastroenterology and Allergy through formal specialized fellowship training. He is board certified for Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Allergy/Immunology. Given the diagnosis of these complex disorders, we believe clinical history is the most important component of the evaluation.

We assist new patients to obtain outside medical records, and Dr. Leung carefully reviews these documents prior to you or your child's visit. Upon reviewing your clinical history, physical exam, and previous laboratory, histological, and endoscopic data, we confirm a diagnosis and provide you with a customized therapy plan.

We offer some of the most comprehensive state-of-the-art diagnostic studies at our center, including oral food challenge, skin prick testing, patch testing, component-resolved diagnostics, endoscopies, as well as various breath tests to evaluate for H. pylori, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and various food intolerances.