Last updated on 3/26/2020

As spring pollen season is here, we recognize it is a confusing time for patients with allergy and asthma during this COVID-19 crisis. We also understand some treatment is important for our patients and cannot be interrupted. Therefore, our dedicated team decided to keep our clinic open to provide the needed services.

You can schedule a virtual consult M-F using our HIPPA-compliant platform. On March 15, 2020, Massachusetts issued an order  requiring commercial insurers to cover medically necessary telehealth services in the same manner as in-person services. For example, BCBS and Cignawill cover telehealth for all its members during this emergency.

To practice social distancing, we ask you:
  1. Please come alone, except for pediatric patients (1 guardian is allowed).
  2. Please do not bring siblings, spouse, friend or pets (sorry).

To protect our at-risk patients, please do not come to our office, but do call us if:
  1. You have a fever in the past 14 days (temp > 100F)
  2. You have travelled out of state for the past 14 days.
  3. You have confirmed COVID-19
  4. You may have contacted a person who might has exposed to COVID-19 or has travelled within the past 14 days

When you arrive at our office, we will:
  1. Ask for travel history and assess symptoms
  2. Check your temperature at the check-in.
  3. Sensitize your hands at the front desk, before and after visit (mandatory).
  4. Provide you with a mask to wear during the entire visit (mandatory).

Additional measures we have been implementing since early March:
  1. All hard surfaces will be wiped down with bleach every hour on the hour.
  2. All infusion chairs and exam rooms will be disinfected with bleach every time after use.
  3. Removal of non-essential items from waiting areas and exam rooms (magazines, toys, books, etc.)
  4. Supplying ‘one-time-use’ pens at front desks.