At Boston Food Allergy Center we strive towards excelence in patient care, but don't take our word for it, here are some testimonies from our patients:

I had an all around great visit. Dr. Leung and his staff took a lot of time to explain everything very carefully and in detail. I would highly recommend him. - Lukas K.

We love Dr. Leung! So helpful in finding the issue with our daughter's allergies. Great bedside manner. Very friendly knowledgeable and professional! - Sarah F.

Dr. Leung has helped me when no one else could. - Loretta S.

Very professional and very friendly. Understood my issue well and provided good recommendations. Great doctor all around. - Nicholas C.

I've seen Dr. Leung for my own issues and have been there with family for their own. He's compassionate, caring, and his entire staff works closely with each other. He has a very good sense of humor and always makes you feel good about any treatment or course of action you may need to take. - Michael P.

Dr. Leung was outstanding. He explained everything needed perfectly and worked towards solutions. - George P.

Excellent - friendly and explained everything very well. - Kevin H.

I just love this office-- everyone is joyful and polite and respectful. I never feel rushed with Dr. Leung and he genuinely cares. I really like the assistants too, as well as his intern. I am here for a difficult situation-- eye pain which I believe is tied to gut pain, and Dr. Leung is working with me to try to get to the bottom of 6 years of pain and gut issues. So many offices these days are rushed or rude and this one is not. I am so grateful to have found them! - Melinda S.

Dr. John Leung solved skin issues that multiple dermatologists couldn’t. I had been in pain for so long & he listened to everything I had to say & gave me solutions that worked for me. After that he created a timeline of healing for me to solve all of my allergies. He has been so helpful! - Jenna B.

Dr. Leung was amazing. He was thorough, transparent and quick! He also laid out several treatment plans and let me choose what was best for me; I'm glad I saw him! - Kristyn W.


At Boston Food Allergy Center we are genuinely concerned about your safety, treatment, and satisfaction. If you or your family member are not satisfied with your visit to BFAC, you can either place a complaint below or email Dr. Leung directly.

We value and encourage all feedback! Your input can help us improve the care provided to all the patients we serve.

John Leung, MD

Founding Physician and CEO

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