Civil Surgeon

Immigration examination overview

  • Dr. John Leung is a civil surgeon authorized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to perform medical exam required for Green Card applicants.
  • Most immigration exams are completed after one single visit with few exceptions.
  • Medical examination usually takes 30-60 minutes.
  • Application is ready for pickup within 5 business days after all the necessary requirements are fulfilled.
  • The fee for the medical examination is $180 (money order or cash only).
  • The fee does not include the cost of vaccines and lab work**
  • Applicants are not obligated to get lab work or vaccines in our clinic.
  • You can make an appointment online here

  • ** Fees of lab work and vaccines depend on many factors such as insurances. Staff will not be able to tell you over the phone without knowing the specifics or before the interview. Nevertheless, we do offer one of the lowest fees for immunization and vaccines if you need to pay out of pocket.

How to prepare for the medical examination

Please watch the following video for further information about the I-693 form process at BFAC


Call your insurance to check if they cover some of the labs and vaccines. Below is a list of the most common labs and vaccines required for i693 application. The CPT and diagnostic codes are included below in case required by your insurance.

Most common labs for i693 (Will be obtained at quest diagnostics)

Lab Test CPT Code
Serum Quantiferon - TB Gold 86480
Serum RPR 86592
Urine Neisseria gonorrhoeae 87591
MMR titer 86735, 86765 and 86762
Varicella titer 86787

Most common vaccines for i693 (Will be obtained at CVS)

Vaccine CPT Code
Tdap Vaccine 90715
Varicella Vaccine 90716
MMR Vaccine 90707
Flu Vaccine (Oct-Mar Only) 90656

If the insurance company asks you which doctor is ordering these tests, “Dr. Leung, NPI = 144-631-8711” If they say yes, we offer these blood tests at this clinic. You may choose to have your blood drawn here at the clinic. If they say no, you may want to go to your PCP, as they also provide these blood tests. Decide if you wish to do your vaccines at the clinic or at CVS. More information is below. Prior to clinic visit, submit the following documents via fax (877) 726-8492, email ( or dropbox upload*:
Prior to clinic visit, submit the following documents via fax (877) 726-8492, email ( or dropbox upload*:

Required Documents Instructions to label the file name
  • Complete and sign the form
  • Name file "Intake-Last name-First name-Today date "
    e.g. intake-Leung-John-03172018.pdf
Form I-693
  • Complete page 1 only
  • Name file "I693-Last name-First name-Today date "
    e.g. i693-Leung-John-03172018.pdf
Government-issued photo identification
  • Scan valid passport or driver license
  • Name the file "ID-Last name-First name-Today date "
    e.g. ID-Leung-John-03172018.pdf
Relevant medical records
  • Scan relevant medical records
  • Name file "Hx-Last name-First name-Today date "
    e.g. Hx-Leung-John-03172018.pdf
Immunization Records
  • Scan Immunization Records
  • Name file "Vaccine-Last name-First name-Today date "
    e.g. Vaccine-Leung-John-03172018.pdf
If you had TB treatment in the past
  • Scan the following Records
    • Prior CXR report
    • TB drug name, dosages, number of doses given
    • Start and end date of treatment
    • Name and address of treating physician
    • Date and results of most recent sputum culture
  • Name file "TB-Last name-First name-Today date "
    e.g. TB-Leung-John-03172018.pdf

*If you cannot submit the documents to us prior to the visit "Originals of the documents you submitted for verification purposes " via email, fax or dropbox upload, please at least make photocopies of the required documents and bring them to clinic. There is a surcharge of $1/page of photocopy service at the clinic if you do not have access to a photocopier.

What to Bring to the Exam

On the day of the visit bring with you:

  • Payment (money order or cash). No personal check or credit card.
  • Original of the documents you sumbitted for verification purposes

What it takes to complete the Form I-693

  • Physical examination and interview
  • Up to date vaccinations
    • We will review your immunization records and based on your age, medical history, and other risk factors. We will tell you the specific vaccine(s) you will need to fulfill the i693 application, per USCIS and CDC guidelines. The requirements can be confusing to applicants as it depends on many factors (such as other medical conditions). It is understandable that applicants may want to obtain required vaccines prior to their initial civil surgeon visit but in our experience, unless one is very familiar with the CDC guidelines and constantly checks for updates, it is not an easy task for non-medical, or even medical professionals who are not familiar with the i693 application requirements. In addition, it will not save you time, as vaccines can usually be administered on the same day as the medical examination.
    • The applicant has the option to receive the required vaccine(s) at his/her own PCP's office, the local pharmacy such as CVS or Walgreens, or at our clinic. Many pharmacies have contracts with your insurance and may be able to tell you real-time whether certain vaccines are covered under your health plan.
  • Serum QuantiFERON®-TB Gold (for applicants 2 or older, with some exceptions)
  • Serum RPR (for applicants 15 or older, with some exceptions)
  • Urine Neisseria gonorrhoeae RNA, TMA (for applicants 15 or older, with some exceptions)
    • The above three tests are the most common lab work required for the i693 application, but there are exceptions depending on your unique situation. Based on our assessment during your initial visit, we will tell you exactly what lab work you will need to fulfill the application. Applicants have the option to obtain these required lab samples at our clinic, local Quest Diagnostics , PCP office, or your preferred local laboratory. If you obtain your lab work at our clinic or at Quest Diagnostic, results will be sent to us automatically. If you choose to obtain lab work elsewhere (such as PCP office or other local lab), you will be responsible for sending our office the lab results.
    • The immigration medical exam is intended to be a snapshot of the applicant’s medical status. While there is no defined period of time during which a chest X-ray or lab work is valid, we STRONGLY advise that you obtain lab work and other i693 related studies AFTER your first visit with us. Lab results usually become available in 2-4 days.

Don’t speak English? No problem

  • We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Cantonese.
  • Interpretation is free of charge

What to expect after the initial visit

  • Your form will be ready for pickup within 3-4 business days after you have fulfilled all the requirements (lab works and vaccinations).
  • Express service is available upon request for additional fee.
  • Dr. Leung will review the form personally to ensure accuracy.
  • We will call you once your form is ready to schedule in-person pick up. A pick-up appointment takes about 30 minutes, as we will verify the form one more time with you and answer all the questions/concerns before giving it to you in a sealed envelope as required.
  • A digital copy will be provided to you free of charge. Hard copy is $5 additional charge.
  • We will also save a copy of your certified i693 form for 2 years.

We stand by our work

We certify hundreds of i693 forms a year successfully. While we don't anticipate any issues, but if our certified i693 form is rejected for ANY reason, we will ammend it free of charge within one (01) business day.