Civil Surgeon

Immigration examination overview

  • Dr. John Leung is a civil surgeon authorized by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to perform medical exam required for Green Card applicants.
  • Most immigration exams are completed in a single 60-minute visit with few exceptions.
  • It usually takes 1 week to complete your i693 application.
  • The fee is $180 (money order or cash only) and it does not include vaccines/lab fee
  • We strictly adhere to USCIS-issued technical instructions on lab and vaccine requirements.
  • We cannot accept lab obtained elsewhere prior to your visit, per government guideline.
  • Please watch video and follow step 1+2 below prior to scheduling your visit here.

How to prepare for the medical examination

Please watch the following video for further information about the I-693 form process at BFAC


Step 1. Call your insurance:

Below is a list of the most common labs and vaccines required for i693 application, but there may be exception depending on your unique medical conditions. To determine what specific labs and vaccines you need to fulfill your immigration application, Dr. Leung will need to see you in clinic first and do a thorough evaluation. Staff will not be able to tell you over the phone prior to your visit, as the lab and vaccine requirements depend on many factors. However, it does not mean you cannot call your insurance ahead of time to find out if they cover the most common labs and vaccines required. Many insurance policies cover vaccines, but lab work are seldom covered for immigration purposes. Only member themselves can access their insurance coverage policy, so you will need to contact insurance yourself. We offer one of the lowest lab fees in MA if you choose to pay out-of-pocket.

Most common labs for i693
Dr. Leung, NPI = 144-631-8711

Most common vaccines required for i693

Vaccine CPT Code
Tdap Vaccine 90715
Varicella Vaccine 90716
MMR Vaccine 90707
Flu Vaccine (Oct-Mar Only) 90656

If insurance does not cover your lab work or vaccines, we offer one of the lowest out-of-pocket price.
If insurance covers required lab work, you can obtain the lab work in our clinic during your visit, no deposit required.
If insurance covers required vaccine(s), you can obtain the required vaccine(s) at your family doctor's office or local pharmacy with Dr. Leung's prescriptions. You can also obtain the vaccines at Dr. Leung's office if you don't mind paying a deposit for the vaccines. Deposit will be returned to you once your insurance company reimburses us. It often takes 6 or more weeks for insurance companies to process payment and they might deny the claim. We encourage patients to obtain vaccines in the nearby pharmacy to avoid paying deposit whenever possible.

Step 2 Prepare documents:

Bring the original and a copy of the following documents to your appointment
  1. Intake form (english, spanish, chinese)
  2. Government-issued photo identification
  3. Relevant medical records
  4. Immunization Records
  5. If you had tuberculosis treatment in the past, we will need your:
    • Prior CXR report
    • TB drug name, dosages, number of doses given
    • Start and end date of treatment
    • Name and address of treating physician
    • Date and results of most recent sputum culture in the past
There is a surcharge of $1/page of photocopy service at the clinic if you do not have access to a photocopier.

Don’t speak English? No problem

  • We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Cantonese.
  • Interpretation is free of charge

What to expect after the initial visit

  • Your form will be ready for pickup within 5-7 business days after you have fulfilled all the requirements (lab works and vaccinations).
  • Express service is available upon request for additional fee.
  • Dr. Leung will review the form personally to ensure accuracy.
  • We will call you once your form is ready to schedule in-person pick up. A pick-up appointment takes about 30 minutes, as we will verify the form one more time with you and answer all the questions/concerns before giving it to you in a sealed envelope as required.
  • A digital copy will be provided to you free of charge. Hard copy is $5 additional charge.
  • We will also save a copy of your certified i693 form for 2 years.

We stand by our work

We certify hundreds of i693 forms a year successfully. While we don't anticipate any issues, if our certified i693 form is rejected for ANY reason, we will ammend it free of charge within two (02) business days.